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How to Make Money with Chitika ads network

Today I want to talk about How to earn Money with Chitika ads and Chitika is another program that you can use to monetize your traffic and make a little money. it’s a targeted search advertising network so basically you display ads you website and blog that are related to your search engine traffic and you make money every time someone who clicks on the ad similar in that they both display text ads but they’re very different in that with adsense you are displaying contextual ads so the ads are related to your content where with chitika the ads are related to your search results so if someone enters your site bookmark or another link social networking site no chitika ads will show up they only show up if someone goes to google or yahoo or big or live and does a keyword search find your site and the ads will display so here’s an example.

it’s really cool how it works so let’s say someone let’s say you have an article on your site about how to apply eyeshadow someone goes to google types in how do I apply eyeshadow see your site click on your site Chitika will display a little box and it’ll say you just searched for how to apply eyeshadow and it will put in the keywords they searched for and right below that there will be an ad that is displayed and should i could get their ads from the yahoo search marketing program whereas google adsense gets their ads form thir own adwords so that’s the big differnce and that’s where chitika is getting their ads from so anybody that’s advertising with the yahoo search marketing program their ads will show up there as may show up on your site so that’s basically how it works I have been using it now for about two month.


 How to Make free account Chitika ads networks

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